Aldebaran (s2ch015)
Name Aldebaran
(Hangeul) 알데바란
Height 20+ meters
Status Deman

Origins 4th district
Black Force Angel
First appearance s2.ch15
Last appareance s2.ch16
Death s2.ch16

Aldebaran is a season 2 character. It is the Angel of the 4th district, and the first to be encountered in the series.

Profile Edit

Aldebaran culminates around 15m when sitting on its knees, judging by the comparative size of Lucy during the fight. When fully upright, Aldebaran might have been about 20m tall. The head is anthropomorphic, while the eye sockets are gone and two big horns curl on the sides of the skull.
The shape of Aldebaran is reminescent of a woman's, with the remnants of breasts. Its heart is visible through its chest, its waist is reduced to vertebrae, its hands are twisted and several odd fingers sprout about the wrists .

It has grey skin like Dogs, but is fundamentally different from them. The fact that it has a living heart may be correlated with its looking almost human. Although blind, it seems sensitive to sound, and can take orders. It is more capable of reasoning than Dogs.

Trivia Edit

  • In astronomy, Aldebaran is a giant star in the Taurus constellation.[1] Its name come from the Arabic word meaning "the follower". It is the subject of various myths around the world, none of which is particularly connected with this character.

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