Jin Young-sam
S1 ch007 jin (2)
Name Jin Young-sam
(Hangeul) 진영삼
Height 174cm
Status Human

Origins Hexagon
Ethnicity Korean
Occupation Doctor, researcher on Demans
Special abilities researcher
First appearance s1.ch1

Dr. Jin Young-sam is Rano's friend, and a researcher on Demans.

Character profile Edit

Background Edit

In his early years he was a researcher together with Miena. He became a Doctor later on and after the Deman attacks he decided to commit suicide but stopped by Rano who reminded him he was still alive. And soon formed a group together with Rano to eradicate and research about the demans.

Abilities Edit

Healing - He became the doctor of the group after Rano found and saved him.

Research - He's an excellent researcher.

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