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Young-sam asks if Miena switched fields because she was good at archeology. At his prodding, Miena remembers that she has an artifact she wanted to show him. According to Yuzuru, they stumbled upon a piece of an Egyptian wall painting when they were lost in the desert. The artifact depicts what looks to be a deman—which Miena believes is proof of deman ancestors. Despite her enthusiasm, Young-sam is skeptical and suggests she look at Lessa’s sample instead. After all, he initially called her over due to her previous experience in Biology.

The scene then changes to show the demans in Ares’ inner circle lounging in a room. Caleb gets into an argument with the blonde deman, but before a brawl starts, Ryan interrupts them. He alerts the rest about Lessa’s disappearance, and they draw lots to decide who goes after him.

To Caleb’s annoyance, he and Bark end up searching for Lessa. While they travel by rooftops, they run into a human. Caleb wonders if the man built a house on the roof because he thought demans couldn’t get to him that way, but Bark tries to divert Caleb’s focus back to the task at hand. Annoyed, Caleb starts a fight with Bark; both draw their weapons.

Just as they are about to deal blows, Lessa appears and turns their weapons into ashes. He then walks up to the human and flips him over the side of the building. Bark and Caleb watch, astonished by his ruthlessness. Lessa asks them if they are satisfied, orders them to stop bothering him, and says that he will return on his own. On the way back, Caleb announces his dislike towards Lessa, claiming he was merciless. Bark remarks that it is because Lessa was never human like they were.

Although the two demans were left with a violent impression, it turns out that Lessa purposely flung the human onto a ledge. In doing so, he simultaneously saved the man without ruining his reputation. However, when the man thanks him, Lessa declines and says that demans are enemies to humanity.