Summary Edit

The chapter opens up with Ryan returning to his library and finding Caleb inside. It turns out that Caleb was waiting to speak with Ryan, because he wants to know more about Lessa and what is on Ares’ mind. He reasons that Ryan must know something since he is close to Ares despite his newbie status and is the most intelligent within the inner circle.

Ryan tries to give an easy explanation, but Caleb doesn’t get it at all. In the end, Ryan tells him that “Lessa” is a name for power.

The scene then switches over to Rano and the others. As per Young-sam’s request, Miena examines Lessa’s cells and is intrigued. She then asks him why he’s researching about demans. Yong-sam’s response is that he’s doing it to get a better understanding of how to catch demans—the sole reason being so that he can help find Rano’s family and repay a debt. Hearing this, Miena offers her help. For now, their priority is to research how a human becomes a deman.

Before the chapter ends, White is shown addressing a group of applicants.