Summary Edit

After flipping through the humans’ resumes, White complains that they are all cliché criminals. This causes them to try impressing him with more of their heinous crimes. Bored, White asks one of the younger applicants if they had anything to say. She declines, stating she’s not a lunatic. Satisfied with her answer, White cuts the ropes around her hands and tells her to inhale “The God’s Vapor” from a balloon.

When the girl, Mindy-Mindy inhales it, she sees a vision of a mountain goat which soon turns into a monstrous creature. White tells the terrified Mindy that she just met their God. He then explains the rules to being a deman. White doesn’t care to explain the rest of deman history since he doesn’t know it and orders Mindy-Mindy to collect the souls of the failed applicants.

Stepping out, White confronts Lucy in the other room. It is revealed that Lucy was ordered by Bell to hand out the balloons this time, but she refused because she didn’t like “doing things like this.” White taunts her actions and asks if she’s avoiding reality because she believes someone will rescue her. He tells her not to keep her hopes up since this is the only place where she belongs.