Summary Edit

Lucy and Mindy-Mindy appear before Bell. The older deman is pleased with White’s selection. Due to Lucy’s apparent rebellious streak, Bell suggests she should act better now that she has a junior. Bell then sends them to hunt humans outside.

As they are walking the streets, Lucy asks Mindy if she really is prepared to kill since she’s “still a kid.” Mindy is flippant about it, stating that she wanted to be a deman because it was the better option. She then questions why Lucy a deman even though she’s acting like she’s not a believer. Lucy brushes her question off, stating to not get into each other’s personal business.

From afar, White, under Bell’s orders, is monitoring the two. He comments that he’s never seen Lucy talk so much before he’s startled by Lessa’s sudden appearance beside him. With no clue as to whom Lessa is, White mistakens him for a human. Lessa curtly tells him otherwise which makes White think that he lost his horn too. However, he notices that that’s not the case and starts picking at Lessa, noting that he’s wearing POGO’s designs and has the typical deman teeth. Although confused, White disregards Lessa’s strange appearance and names him his “bread-shuttle.” The foreign term puzzles Lessa and he starts to look distressed, causing White to back off a little.

White then realizes that he’s lost sight of Lucy and Mindy. Lessa says he will find them for White since it is his fault that they slipped away.