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White declines Lessa’s help, stating that he should just be his servant instead. When Lessa asks him why, White learns that  Lessa doesn’t know who he is. Annoyed that a Fourth Generation deman doesn’t know him, White states that he’s a Third Generation and that it is his job to distribute vapor. Since Lessa is unaware of this, White wonders if he got the vapor from someone else or is just stupid.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Mindy still haven’t found anyone. Mindy suggests they do “home-visits,” but Lucy rejects that idea and wants to head back. Mindy calls Lucy a coward and ditches her since she’s only getting in the way. The younger deman proceeds to kick through a window, finding a mother and child inside. In awe with her new strength, Mindy attacks the mother.

When Lucy enters through the same window and sees Mindy on the mother’s back, she gets a flashback to an unknown time. In her memories, Bark is seen saying that the only condition to being a believer is to acknowledge humans as a different kind.

Back to the present, Lucy thinks to herself that she can’t separate humans and demans as being different, and promptly throws Mindy off the woman.