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Shocked, Mindy yells at Lucy in outrage. However, Lucy is equally frustrated; she retaliates by saying that she still has a heart even though her soul is gone. White then appears and claims that Lucy is the one insane. He goes on to tell her that if she keeps talking and acting like a heretic, then he won’t continue to look the other way. There’s only execution for those who don’t follow the rules.

When Lessa shows up, Lucy is shocked to see him and asks if he’s come to execute her. She seems resigned and tearfully says that she doesn’t respect him—that demans ruined her life. Before Lessa can respond, Ryan interrupts, startling everyone in the room. The Second Generation deman tells Lessa that he must return. Looking stricken, Lessa says he wants to speak with Ares right away.

 White is mortified when he finds out Lessa’s identity.

The next day, Lessa barges into Ares’ office. He claims that Ares lied to him about everyone respecting him and that Ares has abused the power given to him. Most importantly, Lessa is concerned by the number of souls being abused by the demans’ power.

The scene then switches to the day before. Ryan is seen reporting to Ares about Lessa’s whereabouts and that it appeared as if Lessa was trying to stop demans from hunting humans. Ryan then asks Ares if Lessa has abandoned them since there are several accounts of him saving humans. Ares reminds him that he has seen God and reveals that Lessa is only a balloon. With this revelation, Ares tells him to continue doing his job.

Back in the present, Ares bows down to Lessa and apologizes.