Summary Edit

The chapter opens up with Bell pushing Lucy into a room. Bell claims the reason why she doesn’t hurt Lucy is because she doesn’t want to damage her body. However, as a warning for Lucy’s continued disobedience, Bell shows her the preserved bodies of previous deman girls under her care, stating that there are other ways to preserve her beauty.

The scene then switches to five years ago, the day demans attacked. Lucy is walking in the city with three of her friends. However, her mood is completely ruined by her argument with Rano before she left. While they are out, Bell stops them and asks who they thought was more valuable, them or her? Put off by her strange question, Lucy and her friends try to leave. Bell stops them by grabbing the female friend and sucking her soul out. Terrified, they try to run away, but Bell kills a male friend (the other one ran away after shoving Lucy aside). Being the only one left, Lucy attempts to escape but is quickly found.

Unlike her friends, Bell regards Lucy as beautiful and offers to spare her.