Summary Edit

Trembling in fear, Lucy pleads with Bell to not kill her.

As Lucy’s thoughts are brought back to the present, she remembers that the reason she is with the demans was because she chose not to die. However, doubts start to creep up on her as she looks as the preserved girls. The thought of no longer being able to stay safe by keeping a low profile causes her to bang against the locked door, calling for someone to let her out.

White opens the door and sees Lucy crying. Exasperated, he asks her why she’s always pissing off Bell and then tells Lucy to work and follow her orders if she wants to live. Before the scene ends, White states that he won’t be doing trivial things like passing balloons out anymore.

The chapter cuts to Rano who is seen patrolling on his motorcycle. While he is outside, Young-sam, Miena, and Yuzuru monitor the streets with a surveillance system. Miena berates Sam for leaving the dangerous work to Rano, but Sam argues that he is too old for field work.

On his patrol, a car with demans riding it speed past him. Rano goes after it after seeing the silhouette of a girl inside, wondering if it’s Lucy. He and the demans fight; however his gun doesn’t seem to have enough fire power to hurt them. After setting up a trap with a flame mine, Rano comes out victorious.

Unbeknownst to him, Lucy witnessed everything.