Summary Edit

Rano starts to walk off but notices the balloons Lucy was holding float up in the air. He realizes someone is there and remembers that the demans mentioned that they were going to meet someone with balloons.  He enters the forest Lucy is hiding in. Lucy quickly runs away while Rano follows after, yelling at her to stop and if she’s who he thinks she is.

When she stops running, Rano finally gets a good look at her and is shocked to find out she’s a deman. Before he can say anything, Lucy yells at him, saying she saw everything and that he’s an idiot for fighting against demans. Still distraught,  Rano tells her he’s been searching for her for five years. It is then his turn to yell at her, asking her why she’s with demans even though she’s not psychotic. Nevertheless, Rano says he knows she’s gentle and would never be with them of her own free will.

Steeling herself, Lucy claims he’s too weak to save her and suddenly punches Rano, knocking him out. She sets his unconscious body against a tree and tearfully asks him how their mother and pet, Marco, have been. She expresses her yearning to go home, but states that Bell would never let her leave. Even if she ran away, she would only put her family in danger. Despite her misery, Lucy thanks Rano for his efforts before saying goodbye.

By the time Rano wakes up, it is already morning. Lucy is long gone, but she left behind her jacket. Rano berates himself for accusing her. As he cries, he regrets not telling her how glad he is that she’s alive.

The chapter then shows White sneaking around hallways and then bumping into Ryan. The other deman asks why White is being suspicious, but White throws the comment back at him. Ryan watches him leave with a dark expression.

At the end of the hall, White pulls out a set of keys. The room he enters is Lessa’s quarters. There, he tries bartering with Lessa to give him more power, so he can be like Ares.