Summary Edit

Lessa continues to turn down White’s offers. This angers the other deman, who punches Lessa in a fit of rage, knocking him down. Since bargaining isn’t going anywhere, White forcefully shoves a deflated balloon between Lessa’s lips. As a loyal follower who has been creating demans and being looked down one by the Second Generation for nearly a hundred years, White demands that he start blowing vapor for him.

Hearing White call himself a Lessa’s loyal man, Lessa snaps and releases some of his power. His horns grow larger and take a crescent shape. Before he attacks, Ares bursts through a window, burning himself in the process since it is daytime.

White runs away, cursing Ryan for alerting Ares about his whereabouts. Panicking because the boss saw him, he wonders what will happen to him now for attacking their God.

Back in the room, Lessa passes out. Tears run down Ares’ cheeks as he looks at his unconscious form, commenting on how Lessa is weakening.

The chapter then ends with Lessa waking up in a white space. He sees an entrance to Raynold’s dream and wonders if he fell asleep. Suddenly, he notices a large monstrous blob behind him.