Ep. 1 - Prelude 1 is the first chapter of LESSA Season 1.


Five years before the start of the story, demans began attacking the humans living on Hexagon Island. Since demans have no immunity towards sunlight, they harvest human souls at night. Due to the demans’ sheer number and strength, the government was powerless to stop their tyranny. As a result, the government built a sunlight city, the Hexagon Field , to protect a select few of the remaining humans.

Back to the present, Rano awakens from a reoccurring dream where he sees a strange man . His friend, Dr. Jin Young-sam , is the one who wakes him up by blasting an alarm. Rano is then told that a girl is being chased by three demans in the 6th corner of Hexagon Field.

It is revealed that although a majority of humans live inside the Hexagon Field, there are still some humans living outside of it as well. Due to tight security (as well as personal fear), the soldiers guarding one of the entrances to the city refused to open the door for the girl despite the danger she was in—they even give her a warning to step back or they will fine her for obstruction of justice.

As the girl’s soul is about to be absorbed by demans, Rano saves her. Before he kills the last of the three demans, Rano shows him a picture of a smiling girl and asks him if he knows her.  The soldiers are shocked by Rano’s heroics and comment that he must be the “deman hunter” they’ve heard about. They offer him “advice” and warn him about demans like Ares . Rano ignores them, flipping the bird as he takes off on his motorcycle with the unconscious girl.