Summary Edit

The monster tells Lessa that it is a “much more darker being” than him, and then proceeds to swallow Lessa. When he wakes up, he discovers that he has bite wounds. At that point, Ryan walks in. He denies Lessa’s request to see Ares, saying that the boss is busy today. He offers to keep Lessa company though and lets him read a book he brought.

In another part of the castle, Caleb is shown beating White. Because of White’s actions against Lessa and for disgracing his name, Caleb orders his dogs to attack. As the dogs bite him, White accuses Caleb of being the one who turned him into what he is today. However, Caleb brushes him off, saying White created himself.

The chapter goes back to the year 1908, depicting the moment Caleb and Ares meet White, who is standing with other orphan boys at a farm. Caleb is about to kill the remaining witnesses, but Ares stops him. He tells them that he will let the last standing boy join him. With that, the orphans fight one another. White emerges victorious.

The flashback ends, and the comic goes back to Lessa and Ryan. Lessa has just finished reading the book and says he enjoyed it because of the happy ending and the pretty beans (fairies). As Ryan leaves, he cheerily offers to bring Lessa another book.

In the hallway, Ryan expresses his amusement about how seriously Lessa read a fairytale; however he then says that Lessa “doesn’t belong here.” When he reports to Ares, he is told that another party will be held tomorrow for “the real God.”