Summary Edit

Lessa and Ares are riding in a car towards the party. During the ride, Lessa shows Ares his bite wound and wonders why it won’t heal. Ares ignores this and asks Lessa why he’s always harsh towards him, like when he was still a child.

There’s a flashback to when Ares was a child and was told to give the bread he worked hard for to a beggar. To his disappointment, Lessa didn’t even praise him or comfort him when he was hungry later. The flashback ends and Lessa questions if Ares still doesn’t understand why he made him give away his food. He then proceeds to ask what more Ares wants from him. After all, he has already given Ares everything—even things he shouldn’t have.

Ares has an ominous look and says he doesn’t need anything else, because Lessa has given him “everything.” This comment worries Lessa, and he realizes that Ares somehow managed to steal his power. That is the reason why his wound isn’t healing like it should.

When they arrive at the gathering by the Cliffside, Lessa is tied up. Ares announces to the crowd of demans that their “God of Darkness” has abandoned Lessa’s body and entered his. He says he will build his own kingdom before kicking Lessa off the cliff. Everyone—even the Second Generation demans—is shocked. One of the Fourth Generation demans shouts at Ares to prove that God is inside him.

He does so by turning the deman into ash.