Summary Edit

Lessa washes up on a shore and is still in disbelief over what Ares did to him. He manages to free his foot from the ropes tying his legs together and makes his way through the city. Because of his beaten and tied up appearance, he receives strange looks from people around him. Lessa suddenly collapses and the people around him call for help.

When Lessa awakens, he is back at Sam’s hospital.  He is informed that he almost died, but his injuries have been treated. Hearing this, Lessa shouts at Sam, angry that he was saved. Rano walks in at this point and tells Lessa that they didn’t save him because they liked him—they saved him because he is a valuable sample for research. Rano then asks Lessa to tell them who he is and why he knew his name.

Of course, Lessa refuses, claiming that it doesn’t matter anymore since Rano doesn’t even remember him. Lessa then requests that Sam kill him, because he has sinned. Sam refuses, which irritates a tearful Lessa, and sedates him, saying that he will feel better after getting some sleep.

As Rano and Sam walk downstairs, Sam reprimands Rano for treating Lessa so roughly even though he helped save him. The chapter ends with Sam expressing his joy for having his sample back.