Summary Edit

Sam, Miena, and Yuzuru are looking at samples taken from Lessa. However, much to their frustration, the samples show no similar properties to the first samples taken. Miena suggests that Sam must have made a mistake, and the mysterious sample he took must have been from something that got rubbed onto Lessa. This leads to an argument which Rano breaks up by telling them to go ask Lessa for answers.

They follow Rano’s advice. However, when Sam opens the door to Lessa’s room, they see him attempting to climb out the window. Rano quickly pulls him back and they struggle on the ground. Sam says that the building is only two-stories high, so it’s safe to assume that Lessa was only trying to escape. They ask him where he planned on going, but Lessa doesn’t answer and assumes that they have ulterior motives for locking him up. He shouts that he’ll never let them have his power.

Once Lessa has calmed down, Rano asks him if he is a deman or a human, promising to let him go afterwards. Lessa reveals that he is neither. Although this answer puzzles Sam, Rano is satisfied knowing that Lessa is not an enemy. Just then, Lessa asks if Rano plans on killing all the demans. When he gets an affirmative, he questions if he knew that Lucy was also a deman and if he planned to kill her too.

This causes Rano to lose his composure and demand if he knows anything about Lucy and where to find her. Lessa warns him that he will die if he went to where Lucy is, but Rano disregards him. They come to an agreement where Lessa will show Rano where he can find Lucy, but only after he has healed.

The chapter then changes to show Ares leading Ryan towards the basement where the “God” is.