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Ryan wonders why Ares said God is in the basement, when he told the congregation of demans that God is inside him[1]. Ares’ response is that he’s carrying only a part of God. However, Ryan is still confused since he assumed that Ares absorbed all of Lessa’s powers—not part.

Ares then gives a lengthy explanation, saying that Lessa is only half of a complete god. Unbeknownst to Lessa, he was split in two with the other half in the basement. Therefore, when Ares took Lessa’s powers, he only took half of God’s power. Therefore, Lessa is no longer a god; he is only an empty shell now.

Behind the large double doors is a room with a large cage. To Ryan’s surprise, there is a woman chained up inside. When he asks Ares why God is tied up like a prisoner, Ares tells him to take a closer look at what’s inside the woman.

The woman then takes the form of a fairy from one of Ryan’s book. Enraptured, Ryan marvels at her beauty. The God then hands him a dark orb which Ares tells him to hold onto; he will know what to do with it when the time comes. After Ryan leaves, Ares looks at the God, Dark Lessa, who has taken a different form.

The scene switches over to Sam confronting Rano about Lucy. Rano admits that he met her and was afraid of how Sam will react. Sam expresses his disappointment and asks him if he forgot how they met five years ago.

There’s a flashback showing Sam standing inside his research lab and holding a gun to his head.


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