Summary Edit

The flashback continues with Rano smashing one of the windows and stumbling inside, fatally wounded. He passes out soon after, but when he awakens, he sees Sam sitting beside his bed. Rano learns that he is a doctor; however Sam says he is no longer practicing and will not treat his wounds. Apparently, one of his patients turned into a deman and killed the other patients. This event caused Sam to lose faith in himself and his will to live.

As he pulls out a gun and attempts to take his life, Rano quickly kicks it out of his hand. Rano demands that he treat him because he refuses to die before finding Lucy. Sam shouts back that everything is hopeless and there’s no point in him doing anything. However, before Rano passes out again, he tells Sam that they are still alive.

When Rano wakes up a second time, he sees that his wounds have been treated. Sam then tells him that he had no reason to live, but because of what Rano says to him, he has found a new reason: to help Rano find Lucy.

The flashback ends, and the scene switches to Lessa sitting in his room. As he’s about to grab food prepared for him, he suddenly stops when Miena enters with a new tray of food. Much to her annoyance, he refused to eat her food. Lessa reveals that he doesn’t want to eat it because she is Rano’s friend and so he refuses to take his charity. Miena asks him why he would help Rano find Lucy even though he dislikes him, to which he tells her that he is willing to put aside grudges if other people are involved. With this new information, Miena offers him the food again, saying her feelings will be hurt if he rejected it because of Rano. Realizing his error, Lessa apologizes to her and asks her to tell Rano that they will go to Lucy tonight.