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Sam goes to get ready and Rano waits for Lessa to get dressed. While Sam is away, Rano starts rushing Lessa—it is later revealed that he planned on leaving Sam behind. The place they are going to is dangerous and he is not willing to put anyone else’s life in danger. Although Rano and Lessa manage to drive off on his motorcycle, Sam still has a way to track them.

While Rano is driving, he becomes exasperated by Lessa’s confusing directions. When Rano sees that Lessa is being sincere, he calms down tells him to just say “left” or “right.”

Eventually, they reach the outskirts of the castle. From there, Rano let’s Lessa go and continues on his own. As he watches him walk away, Lessa comments that Rano is still the same, even though he’s born as a different person now.

Rano hides in the trees and scouts out the castle, looking for an entrance. All of a sudden, a monstrous deman appears behind him.