Summary Edit

The monstrous deman seems to be in agony. Rano shoots it with his gun, but the deman remains relatively unharmed. Seeing this, he attempts to run off, but the deman notices him. Before it hits Rano, it is knocked back by Lessa.

Rano demands why Lessa is following him even though he told him to leave, but Lessa tells him not to be cocky. In a display of superhuman strength, Lessa easily knocks the deman back again. Rano questions how he is able to do that despite his weak appearance, and Lessa reveals to him that he is the creator of demans. He then comments that Ares has down something to the deman with his power, but notes that his power would never create something so evil.

The deman attacks Lessa, but it is easily killed. A dark fanged blob emerges from the deman’s mouth and flies towards Rano. Surprised, Rano hits it. As he does that, Lessa sees “Ra’s Holy Wheel” appear around his arm, and he asks Rano how he is able to use it.

Just then, Ryan steps out from the trees, reporting to Ares on the phone that Lessa is back with a human. Ryan says that Ares wants to know what Lessa is doing here, and then he comments that he’s surprised Lessa is still alive. Lessa scoffs and informs Ryan that Ares knew he wouldn’t die from falling off the cliff and that he kept him alive so that he could see Ares’ creations.

Before the chapter ends, Lessa promises that he will stop Ares, amusing the deman boss.