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Ryan leaves and says he’ll pretend he didn’t see Rano. However, he informs them that he didn’t think anyone was still at the castle. True to his words, Rano and Lessa don’t find Lucy or anyone within the building.

Frustrated, Rano grabs Lessa and demands him to spill everything he knows. Lessa apologizes and says that he didn’t think the demans would leave the castle. He offers to let Rano beat him up if he was angry—just like Ares did before the party. Rano shoves him away and calls him crazy for even suggesting it.

Lessa is left standing in the hallway alone. In his thoughts, he tells himself that it’s inevitable that everyone will leave him: “Everything flows as it goes.  It’s foolish not to accept the flow…” The chapter then shows snippets of Lessa’s memories—a young Ares crying over his dead pet bird and a girl crying about her little brother’s deteriorating health. Lessa seems pained.

Suddenly, Rano appears and slaps him, stating that it was payback for when they first met. (s1ep2) He then pulls Lessa along and says he will tell them everything he knows about Lucy, Ares, and demans when they get back home.

Angry, Lessa asks him if he will trust what he says. Rano responds by saying that he has no other choice and that Lucy is the only family he has left. He then asks Lessa if he understands what family is which causes him to think about when he dug Ares up from the grave. He begins to cry, shocking Rano.

All of a sudden, Sam appears and proceeds to beat up Rano for leaving him behind. While this happens, Lessa notes that humans can’t help being foolish and questions why that’s a sin. However, he remarks that his actions—his inability to let Ares die—is a sin that cannot be forgiven.