Summary Edit

In a flashback, Ares wakes up with newly grown horns. To his joy, he realized that Lessa saved him. However, that happiness is short lived after seeing Lessa’s expression and asking if he regretted saving him. Lessa tells him that he is no longer a god and Ares is no longer human, so they should separate from human society.

The scene then switches to the present day. Lessa is explaining to Rano and Sam how Ares became a deman. The two conclude that the whole mess with demans started because of Lessa. However, Rano is confused as to how Lessa has that sort of power in the first place. They are shocked to discover that Lessa is a god and even more so when he proves it by showing them a miracle—splitting the liquid in his cup.

Lessa then goes on to explain that when he came to Earth, he took a human form and left his main body in the Outer World. Through a gate, he is able to use his original form’s power on Earth. However, after saving Ares, Lessa severed the connection to the Outer World.

Rano and Sam learn that the power Ares stole was the ability to turn everything to zero—to ash. Hearing this, Rano asks if there’s really nothing they can do to stop him.

Surprisingly, Lessa says that it appears someone else was given power from another god in the Outer World—the God of the Sun, Ra.