The girl wakes up after Dr. Jin Young-sam treats her.  She mistakes him for being the one who saved her, but he corrects her by giving credit to Rano. It is revealed that “Rano” is only a nickname and that his real name is Raynold Berger . He then tells her that he and Rano go out every night to hunt as many demans as they can. Star-struck, the girl wants to thank Rano, but Young-sam suggests that she take a missing person flyer and contact them if she hears any news of the missing girl instead.

When Rano is refreshed and the girl is safely home, he remembers what the soldiers said and asks Young-sam who Ares is. Although Young-sam claims it’s only a rumor, he tells Rano that Ares is regarded as The Demans’ Boss.

The comic cuts to a scene in which Ares and a small group of demans stand around a coffin. Ares asks the body inside, Lord Lessa, if he has slept well.

Presumably later at night, Rano is out hunting and waiting for Young-sam to locate a deman heading towards him. While he stakes out, Rano seems to be reminiscing about something and quickly rubs his eyes. Due to his brief lapse in concentration, he doesn’t hear Young-sam’s warning until it is too late.

A young man running by quickly jumps and steps on Rano’s face.