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Ra’s Holy Wheel appears when Lessa applies his powers, although Rano and Sam cannot see it. Lessa explains that the Wheel is the key that gives Rano permission to use God’s powers on Earth. To everybody’s shock—including Miena and Yuzuru who are eavesdropping—Ra has given this power to Rano.

This ability could possibly be one of the reasons why Rano has survived for so long against demans. Since the Wheel reject’s Lessa’s energy, there’s a chance that Rano could use this power against darkness. Because of Ares, Rano wonders if he will also become evil because of God’s power, but Lessa tells him that he has more to learn—especially if Ra has plans for him.

Through all this, Miena wonders if there’s a connection between their current situation and Egypt since Ra is considered the Creator in their culture.

Lessa then asks Rano if he wanted to know about Lucy. He says that although he only talked to her once, he felt that she didn’t not want to be a deman. This reaffirms what Rano already thought. After Lessa makes a careless comment, Rano blows up, shouting everything is Lessa’s fault and he should be ashamed of himself for causing humans so much pain. Sam tries to comfort Lessa, but ends up making him feel even worse.

Later, Lessa thinks about the times when he saw Rano in his dreams. Now that he knows about Ra’s Holy Wheel, he figures that is what kept him from communicating with Rano and showing memories his past life.

In the morning, Lessa skulks around Rano, trying to apologize. After a tense moment, Rano tells him to sit and eat. While they’re together at the table, Rano tells him that he’s going to patrol and that Lessa is going with him. He then says that apologizing to him won’t solve anything and it won’t bring things back to the way it used to be.