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While they’re getting ready for the patrol, Rano offers to teach Lessa how to use a gun, but he refused the weapon. Since it would be dangerous if they were on a motorcycle together, Rano suggest they take the car. However, Sam barges in and invites himself along, unwilling to let Rano touch his car.

Out on patrol, Rano rides his motorcycle while Lessa and Sam are in a van. The two converse inside; Lessa tells Sam about his fading faith—that at some point, he began to agonize over what he knew and also hesitate too. Sam tells him to stop talking, because it demotivates him as well as irritates him since Lessa won’t say he’s too afraid to take action.

All of a sudden, Miena and Yuzuru pop out of the backseat. Unbeknownst to Sam, they snuck in because Miena wanted to ask Lessa questions. During her interview, they all learn that Lessa and Ra in deed have a connection to Egypt and learn a bit about Gods.

The chapter then turns to Mindy who is recording a monster. In a flashback, Mindy is shown complaining to White and Lucy that she was given the dirty work of broadcasting the monster because White is injured from Caleb’s punishment.[1] Lucy comments that the monsters are created as Fourth Generations, although she doesn’t know what for. Mindy claims that she knows why; it’s because of White and Lucy’s disobedience, they won’t be of any use as Third Generations.


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