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White scoffs at Mindy’s comment, saying that he’s gotten into trouble before yet he is still alive. He brings up the Doll’s Room and says Bell killed many Third Generation demans and gave various excuses. The only reason she got away with it was because Ares didn’t care enough to look into it. From this, White concludes that Ares doesn’t care what happens to Third Generations. However, White says that Ares saves him every time he got into trouble which means that he is part of his plans.

Mindy dismisses White, mocking him by saying Ares is only keeping him around to turn him into another one of the monsters. After Mindy leaves, White tells Lucy a secret since she’s been helping him lately. He discloses that Mindy got to become a deman because Bell was getting tired of Lucy. Usually that means she will be killed soon, yet she is still alive. Like White, Lucy must also be a part of Ares’ plan. This information means nothing to Lucy.

Back to Rano and the others, a group of humans run across the street because a deman monster is chasing them. Rano gets its attention however his gun is ineffective against it. Mindy sees this and continues to record the monster, ecstatic that things are getting interesting.

Lessa realizes the danger Rano is putting himself in and decides to intervene. Using his strength, Lessa knocks the deman with a long pipe.