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Lessa throws away Rano’s gun and tells him to use his powers instead. Skeptical and annoyed, Rano asks how he’s supposed to do that to which Lessa responds by saying he needs “absolute faith.”

Suddenly the monster appears behind Lessa and they start fighting. Rano, lost without his gun, tries to use his powers to no avail. Because of his inaction, Lessa ends up getting skewered and tossed aside by the monster. Rano runs to Lessa’s side, but he’s unconscious.

Unsure if Lessa is dead, Rano recalls the time he found his mother’s body.[1] In his memories, the souls inside of the female deman’s stomach escape, and he sees his mother among them. This confirms his mother’s death to the deman, and it enrages Rano. In his sorrow and anger, he awakens Ra’s powers, burning the female deman. However, as her body starts disintegrating, Dark Lessa emerges. She taunts him, saying it isn’t time for him to kill her yet. She then says that in five years he will remember her again, and when he does, he can try to burn her. If he fails to do so, then she will destroy everything.

With his memories of that day five years ago returned, Rano unlocks Ra’s power and attacks.


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