Summary Edit

The attack incinerates the monster. With it gone, Rano calls Sam to come back and save Lessa. While he’s on the phone, Lessa regains consciousness, weakly saying to Rano that “friends don’t betray one another.” Rano doesn’t recall that, but Lessa continues to mutter to himself that they are friends.

The scene then shifts to show that Mindy was caught in Rano’s attack, although she only lost consciousness and there are no injuries. The panels imply that Mindy was able to broadcast everything before she was knocked out.

In the morning, Lessa wakes up in the hospital, his wounds treated. Because of his sudden movements, Sam scolds him and says that despite his body’s ability to heal fast, Lessa is still only made of flesh and bones. At this point, Rano starts to make snide comments about how Lessa got taken out so quickly despite being a god. Yuzuru whispers to Lessa to call Rano a smartass, which he readily does.

After their moment of pettiness ends, Lessa asks Rano how he defeated the monster. Rano replies that he isn’t sure how he did it, but then informs him of meeting Dark Lessa five years ago. Lessa is confused since he doesn’t know who she is, saying that there are only two gods—him and Ra.

Rano wants to know more about Dark Lessa because her existence felt very ominous.