While Rano lies on the ground, the young man runs off. Two demans promptly appear and chase after him, ignoring Rano. Confused by their behavior, Rano goes after them with his motorcycle and guns them down. He sees the man who stepped on his face up ahead and gets distracted by a flashback to his dream.[1] He fails to stop in time and hits the man. Rano starts to panic after noticing that he has no horns—a human. Thankfully, the man is still alive, so he takes him back to the “hospital” where Young-sam can treat him.

Predictably, Young-sam scolds Rano and takes care of the man. During this, he asks to take a look at the man’s teeth and then proceeds to tie him down in a chair. Rano questions Young-sam’s behavior to which he reveals that the man is not human. Instead of human molars, the man has the typical sharp teeth of a deman. Despite seeing logic in Young-sam’s accusation, Rano is skeptical and resolves to find out the truth by shining a high powered light onto the man. Young-sam rejects the idea, claiming that he will destroy his new research sample. The two wrestle over the light and end up accidentally turning it on. Strangely, the man is not harmed by it.

Since the man still has not said a word, Young-sam decides to conduct research in the lab, leaving Rano to look after their “sample.” In exasperation, Rano asks the man if he is mute. To his surprise, the man responds and hints to having a past relationship with Rano.


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