Summary Edit

The man frees himself by turning the chair to ash. He starts to approach Rano and mumbles something about not letting Rano hurt him again like last time. Not knowing what else to do, Rano pulls out his gun. The man already anticipated this and quickly attacks, sending Rano flying back into the wall with a single punch to the face. He is hit with enough force to actually crack the brick wall.

As Rano slumps against the wall, the man asks him, “Why did you kill me?” Of course, Rano has no idea what the man is going on about and shouts for him to stop, saying that being a deman is enough reason for why Rano would want to hurt him. However, the man doesn’t let go of him and asks Rano if he really doesn’t remember. Frustrated, Rano makes it clear that he doesn’t know the man. The man finally seems to realize something and proceeds to leave, kicking down a door in the process. His parting words to Rano are a warning to not run into him again. After the man leaves, Young-sam appears and asks what happened to his sample, completely disregarding and mistaking Rano’s injuries for a mustache.

The comic shifts to show the man standing on top of a tall building. Ares appears next to him and it becomes clear that the man is Lord Lessa. Tired of playing “hide and seek,” Ares asks Lessa if he has seen enough of the city and if he will finally return with him so that they can continue with their plans.