Summary Edit

A man and child are shown watching the news. Apparently the Hexagon Field’s land prices were raised. When the young boy asks what that means, the man sheepishly replies that it means he has to work harder.

Next, Young-sam is shown to be working in his lab at the “hospital.” He is looking through a microscope at a sample he took from Lessa and notes to his astonishment that the cells are unlike anything he’s ever seen before. Lessa’s cells appear to have no nucleus, no similarity to deman cells, and do not even have a proper form. It’s like looking at a night sky. Baffled, Young-sam decides to call someone who he thinks can help with this anomaly. While he’s still on call, Rano walks in and says there’s no food. Although he tries to feign injury, Rano is forced to get groceries.

On the way back, Rano meets a child (the one from the beginning) playing outside. When Rano tells the little boy to go inside his house since it’s getting dark out, the boy instantly recognizes him as the “hero who catches demans.” Unknown to him, Rano is popular on the internet for his heroism against demans—there are even several embarrassing photos of him online. Quite put off by this discovery, Rano tells the boy again to go home. Despite the danger of the impending darkness, the boy refuses to go home without his father, who has yet to come back from work. Upon his insistence, Rano grudgingly allows the boy to follow him while he looks for his father. In another attempt to get the boy to go home, Rano mentions that his mother will get worried, but the boy begins to tear up. Rano learns that the reason why the boy wants to find his father is because he couldn’t find his mother before. This revelation seems to remind Rano of a past event, so he comforts the boy with an ice-cream popsicle.

The scene switches over to a deman girl, Lucy, who bears a striking resemblance to the girl on the missing flyer. She gloomily sits on the floor while another female deman sits in front of a mirror. After the other deman’s prodding, Lucy reluctantly dresses up and gets ready for a party where she will meet Lessa.