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The chapter opens up with the man from the previous chapter hiding from a male deman. When the deman kicks and sends junk in the alleyway flying, the man accidentally reveals his location.

The chapter then cuts back to Rano and the child, Louie. After looking around for a while, Rano suggests that his father might be waiting for them at home. However, the boy says that his father would’ve called if that was the case. Undeterred, Rano starts to say something when he is interrupted by screaming. In desperation, the man from earlier runs by them with the deman hot on his trails. To the man’s shock and dismay, Louie shouts and catches the deman’s attention.

The deman asks if the boy is the man’s son and wonders if he’ll be able to get two souls. The deman is then caught off guard by Rano who lands the first hit before taking out a flame stick. Rano goes on the offensive and swipes at him with his weapon. However, since Rano was originally only out for a grocery run, the flip-flops he is wearing rub painfully against his toes when he pivots. The unexpected pain provides an opportunity for the deman to grab at his throat. While the two fight, the man drags Louie away despite his son’s pleas to help Rano. The deman gets distracted by his preys’ flight, and Rano takes the chance to stab him with the flame stick. Although he manages to skewer his opponent, the deman is fine, claiming that he is different from the other demans Rano has fought before.

Suddenly, Young-sam shoots the deman’s horn off with a sniper rifle. Young-sam’s arrival turns the tables, and as he is about to shoot the deman’s head at point blank, Rano quickly stops him. Much like with the other demans, Rano pulls out a picture of the missing girl and asks the deman if he knows her.[1] The deman seems to recognize her, saying that she’s “Bell’s doll.” In exchange for information, Rano agrees to let the deman go. The deman tells him that the girl, Lucy, is dead—he saw demans devour her with his own eyes. Young-sam questions the deman’s truthfulness, but Rano is in despair since he knew her name.

The chapter then shifts to Ares and his entourage (including Lucy) entering a room where a crowd of demans are waiting. Here, Lessa makes his first appearance as the Father of Demans to the rest of his followers.


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