Summary Edit

Ares speaks to the crowd of demans and introduces Lessa as their Father, the one who gave them eternal youth and saved them from an inferior life as humans. While Ares is speaking, Lessa’s focus wanders and he makes eye contact with Lucy. Surprised, she flinches and looks away. Lessa doesn’t notice that he’s spilling his wine or that Ares is addressing him.

After the party, Lessa is lying in his coffin and asks Ares to close the lid. Ares questions if he wants to go back to his long sleep or if something is bothering him. He then goes on to say that Lessa is still the same and hard to understand. However, Ares believes that Lessa should take responsibility for his failures in the past and to place his trust in him.

In another area of the demans’ base, White, the deman that got away from Rano, is seen limping along a hallway. As he ambles along, White is suddenly face to face with Caleb, one of the demans who accompanied Ares to the party. Caleb asks why White wasn’t at the party, then asks what he was up to when he notices his injuries. White starts telling him about what he found out, but is interrupted by Caleb grabbing him. Angrily, Caleb spits out that he doesn’t care what happens to White, but if he does anything to tarnish his reputation again, then he will personally feed him to the dogs. With that, White is flung to the ground. Despite Caleb’s threats, White still manages to mutter out his own warning behind the other deman’s back.

Later in the daytime, Rano is working out when someone rings the doorbell. When he answers, he is greeted by two strangers. Young-sam then comes barreling down the stairs, although he trips and tumbles the rest of the way. One of the strangers, Miena, laughs and lets herself in. Her friend quickly follows suite.

Rano accidentally insults Miena’s friend and helplessly wonders who they are.