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The two strangers introduce themselves as Miena Harris and Yuzuru. Miena used to go to college with Young-sam and studied Biology, although she claims to be an archeologist now. Young-sam doesn’t react well to this revelation. Rano decides to go sleep, and Young-sam tells him not to worry about what White said about Lucy. To Young-sam’s disbelief, Rano responds that he has no intentions of believing anyone unless he can see proof for himself.

When Young-sam, Miena, and Yuzuru sit down together, Young-sam mistakes Yuzuru for a child. He then learns that she is actually twenty-five years old and can cook spicy noodles—at this point, Yuzuru leaves to make food since Young-sam is inept. With Young-sam and Miena finally alone, Miena questions why he (and consequently, Rano) is living outside of the Hexagon Field. She argues that with his intelligence, he could live inside the Field and work with a proper lab. It is then revealed that the hospital Young-sam used to work at went out of business five years ago when the demans attacked. He then goes to say that she can’t imagine what it was like back then.

Meanwhile, Rano lies in bed, reminiscing about life five years ago.

Before the demans attacked, he led a calm life as a law student and lived with his family. On one particular day, Rano was in his bedroom studying when his little sister, Lucy barged in to berate him for not walking their dog, Marco. Lucy told him she was going out with her friends before storming off. Exasperated, Rano headed downstairs and saw that his mother was home from work earlier than expected. He then realized that he forgot it was Lucy’s birthday today and noted that she had been lingering around his room for a while.

During Marco’s walk, Rano stopped by a jewelry store to pick up a last minute present for Lucy. Looking at all the different types of necklaces, he realized that he didn’t know what Lucy preferred. He decided to ask Marco for help, stating that he could always blame the dog if Lucy didn’t like it.