Summary Edit

The sky grew dark as Rano and Marco walked home. On their way, a bleeding man ran past them. Startled, Rano edged along the sidewalk and saw, to his horror, dead bodies littering the street. Panicked and worried for his mother, he ran home. When he walked through the door, his was met with another gruesome sight. Towering over his mother’s bleeding body was a female deman with large horns.

Quickly, Rano grabbed a metal bat and attempted to hit the deman, but she stopped him easily. At this point, Marco charged forward and started biting the intruder. Unable to do anything, Rano could only watch as the deman stomped Marco to death. When the deman’s attention was drawn back to him, things inside of her stomach started to wriggle before forcefully escaping through her mouth.

Rano can’t remember what happened after that—only recalling that when he woke up, it was morning and his mother and pet were lying dead beside him. To make matters worse, Lucy never came home after that day.

After a year, the Hexagon Field was built to protect the people. During the first year condolence ceremony of the first attack, Rano was at an agency hoping to hear news of his missing sister. The worker tells him that anyone who went missing on July 20th, the day of the attack, are regarded as deceased after one year.

From that point on, Rano realized that he was the only one still waiting for Lucy. With the necklace he got for her birthday clutched in one hand, Rano resolved to find his sister no matter what.