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Flour (by Rano)

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God of the Void








175cm (5'7")

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Ares (Adopted Son)

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Space warping, instantaneous erosion, superhuman strength, extreme speed, fencing

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Season 1, Chapter 2

Lessa레사」 is a lead character in the LESSA webtoon series.


Human Form Edit

Lessa figured as a young man with silver hair, icy blue eyes, and a slender figure, Lessa has an ethereal appearance. His teeth are like a Deman's : normal incisives on the front, but sharp canines on the side all the way back. His pale skin gains him the nickname of "Flour" from Rano. He looks younger than Ares, or even Rano in his old age. Lessa is often noted to look feminine but good looking, being called 'pretty boy' on one occasion. In Lessa: The Crimson Knight, his body is more scarred due to fighting against the Demans, after he has been stripped of some power.

The length of his hair changes frequently throughout the series. In the very beginning, his hair is to the middle of his neck, but eventually grows to reach his shoulders. He starts to tie it up in either a high ponytail or a bun. In Lessa: The Crimson Knight, Lessa frequently dons a red wig, which earns him the title of, "The Crimson Knight."

Lessa wears the typical clothing worn by most Demans (dark, edgy, "designed by POGO") when he wakes from is coma, among other Demans. However in the course of the series he wears a large array of clothing, from sweaters to suits.

God Form Edit

In his god-form, Lessa looks like a gigantic faun (or satyr), with two huge horns curving back from his forehead, and goat ears. His eyes are a glowing white, his hair is very long. This god-form is sitting on a throne in the other-world.

Lessa more often dons a partial god-form, which he adopts when he uses his godly power on Earth. His eyes turn purple and he grows his horns. He may or may not have goat ears, and it may or may not change his hair length. A long tail ending in a black tuft of hair may even appear.

Dark Lessa is wholly different, very pale but black-haired, with wide, inexpressive white eyes, and always naked. She is divided between that human form with Ares, and the part still contained in Lessa. She may "leak" from Lessa in a dark "goo" or smoke, with unfocused shimmering eyes rolling about.

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Lessa has a rather stoic personality, which can look like insensitivity and border on ruthlessness. He seems to grow more emotional as he spends more time on Earth in human company. Ares depriving him of part of his power and making him more human might play into Lessa's restlessness.

He is paradoxically extremely caring, cherishing all forms of life. He would not hurt a flower. If mistreated and hurt, he will not choose to retaliate against an opponent whom he perceives is not a threat to his life.

Lessa is also very loyal to his friends. When he met Diane, he chose to protect her no matter what, only to get betrayed. He still pledges to continue this with her reincarnation, Rano, even though he still felt hurt due to the betrayal. He stays steadfast to his promise of saving Lucy for Rano no matter what, showing just how far he will go for the ones he cares for.

Due to his long sleep, Lessa has poor knowledge of modernity. Combine that with poor grasp on figurative forms of speech. His ingenuity makes him buckle at Rano's motorbike being his baby, or disarms a conceited White who meant to bully him into being his bread-shuttle.


Before he came down to Earth, Lessa was in fact a goat, the purest and most innocent being. Ra created him as the vessel for Dark Lessa - he eventually developed a human-like form, and even began to look more like her. He was brought up by Ra to be a good god, sensitive to the beauties of the world and of life.

One day he saw a Palestine child slave being tortured to the brink of death every day. This child was Ares. Disturbed by this, Lessa adopted a completely human form and descended to the Earth, to Ra's anger. Lessa saved Ares and they began to travel the world together.

Ares passed away naturally, but Lessa had grown so attached to him that he could not bear his disappearance. Lessa revived him, making him the very first Deman, and making the first breach to Ra's cycle of souls. It is hinted that Ares massacred many people in order to further his lifespan. This led him and Lessa to go into hiding on an isolated island, the current Hexagon Island. Alone for hundreds of years, they built a castle together.

Lessa finally reveals to Ares that there actually are humans who started living on the island. Ares, insisting to have a second chance, visits the human settlement with Lessa, only to be angered when a pimp lays his hand on Lessa. Considering the threat Ares represents to humans and wishing no further carnage, Lessa is forced to take him back to the castle in the forest, to live in isolation yet again.

While out picking berries, Lessa meets a young girl named Diane, and he is touched by how hard she works to make a living for her siblings. He vows to protect her, and they become fast friends. When she asks, he even tells her that he is the demon living in the forest, who is in fact Ares. However Diane betrays him to the villagers, who form a mob and surround him on the edge of a cliff. When Lessa pleads for their friendship, Diane is appalled that he believes she could befriend a monster like him, and promptly skewers him through the midsection while also thrusting him off the cliff.

Lessa is later pulled ashore by Ares. Though severely bleeding, he stands up, as if possessed - and Dark Lessa attempts an escape from the vessel. Ra and his Archangels descend from Heaven to seal again Dark Lessa - and Ra curses Ares, taking the sunlight from him. Compelled to flee from the dawn, Ares carries an unconscious Lessa into the dark castle. Meanwhile, all of Dark Lessa had not been sealed up, and the first Black Force crept behind Ares.

This was the start of Lessa's long coma, prior to the beginning of the webtoon some hundreds of years later.


  • Ice Manipulation - He can change temperatures , make it cold and minipulate ice in plenty of ways , he uses this to freeze Rano during their fight, which occures within the tornament.
  • Instantaneous erosion - Lessa can turn anything to ashes/dust at a glance.
  • Superhuman strength - The boy can kick away a steel security-gate.
  • Superhuman speed - Aside from his space-warping cheat code, he seems to be able to move with extreme velocity. His punch once catches Rano unawares, full in the face.
  • Space warping - Lessa can cut open the fabric of the world, and uses this ability to create shortcuts or re-orient a plane (vertical to horizontal, for example). These warps do not hold indefinitely.
  • Open the path to the other-world - When Lessa summons Rabiel he cuts open a sort of path or gate, which seems to lead to the other-world. (The presumption hinges on the fact that Rabiel takes the souls of the dead with him beyond, like an angel of death.)

Relationships Edit

  • Raynold "Rano" Berger
  • Lucy Berger
  • Dr. Jin Young-sam
  • Ares
  • "Ra"
  • Rabiel
  • Miena Harris
  • sara