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Lessa is a dark tale of Demans, Humans and Gods. This Korean webtoon, written and designed by the artist POGO, is being translated into English by Naver LINE Webtoon. The webtoon is at its second season in Korean.

Plot summary & Main characters

The story takes place on Hexagon Island, where the protagonist, Rano Berger, lives. Five years before the start of the story, the island underwent its first attack from Demans, who slaughter humans for their souls. Rano's mother was killed during a home invasion, and Lucy, his fifteen year-old sister, went missing. He now lives to find her and became a Deman hunter. He is backed by Dr. Jin Young-sam, and they both live together outside of the Hexagon Field which protects the very lucky few inside from Demans.

One day, during what should have been a routine hunt, Rano comes across a strange young man, named Lessa, who he has seen in his dreams. Upon a closer look, he discovers this man has Deman teeth, though he is not affected by sunlight like a normal Deman. For some reason, Lessa seems to know Rano. What is more, he has a special connection to the Demans' leader, Ares. The samples taken by Dr. Jin Young-sam raise more questions than they answer about Lessa's very nature.

Meanwhile, Lucy is fighting for her life...

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LINE Webtoon (English): Season 1 | Season 2 (Korean (한국어)): Season 1 | Season 2

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Deman God

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