Raynold Berger (Kor. 레이널드 버거) commonly known as Rano, is a lead character in the Lessa webtoon series.


Rano is a tall, well-build man with the most prominent feature being his fiery red hair



Plot OverviewEdit

  • Raynold used to be a simple student who attended a law school. Yet as he was twenty years old, an incident occurred on his sister, Lucy Berger's, Birthday. Lucy's friends were attacked and killed by Demans and she was also taken away by them.
  • The very day, Raynold finds his mother laying on the ground after returning home from walking his dog, Marco, outside as an excuse to buy Lucy a necklace as a gift. Angered by seeing the Deman who took his mother's life, he unknowingly unleashes the power that was given to him by the Egyptian god "Ra" after which he faints as the battle ends with his temporary victory.
  • He wakes up beside his dead mother, and not long after that, the place becomes a crime scene. He mourns yet remembers his sister, and desperately looks for her without any successful results, still holding onto the gift he and Marco brought on her birthday.
  • He then barges into what used to be Dr. Jin Young-sam's laboratory, stopping him from committing suicide, breaking in using a bat. He is soon treated by the doctor, who decides to help him find his sister.
  • Ever since, he has been fighting off Deman in the area using varieties of flame throwing weapons, using Dr. Jin's knowledge and help occasionally while patrolling around in the area. While doing that, Rano also never forgot to ask about his sister using a picture he had of her.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Marksmanship He has the ability to control flames.