Season 1 of LESSA is an adventure/fantasy webtoon created by POGO. The original Korean version was completed on July 1, 2015 while its English counterpart was completed on July 8, 2015.

The Korean version can be read at However, it appears the complete Season 1 must be purchased through the store. The official English translation can be read in its entirety for free through an app or the website at LINE Webtoon.


"There are attacks everyday and people suddenly changed into Deman. But I... should look for my sister; also, the Gods are here to help humans to prevent the attacks." 

Five years after a devastating attack from Demans, life on Hexagon Island has never been the same. Peace has turned into chaos; humans live in fear of the demans. Only those enclosed within the protected walls of the sun city, the Hexagon Field, are safe from the demans' tyranny.

With the help of his friend, Dr. Jin Yong-sam, Rano hunts demans every night in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of his missing sister. Following a series of events, Rano meets a whole cast of characters--forming strong alliances and dangerous enemies. In doing so, he gets closer to reuniting with his lost family as well as uncovering secrets surrounding Gods and Demans.

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The Abandoned CityEdit